Welcome to the Major Oak Photography Club, we are non competitive, we organise visits to venues and can help you with various disciplines of Photography, Film or Digital. 

We can be found on Facebook.  active membership of this Group does require compulsory registration and an Annual subscription.

Why should you consider joining us, well we offer a Professional approach to Group Photography in an informal, friendly and non competitive environment.

Whatever your level shoot with friendly Professionals and gain valuable experience from others,  avoid wasting time and keep costs to a minimum looking for venues, from Nottingham to London and beyond.  See your work develop as you gain new skills and techniques,  gain valuable experience from others.  We encourage Car Sharing wherever possible to keep costs down even more, but please if you do car share see  that you also share the costs of fuel and admission fees where charged,  we do at times tend to go where Angels fear to tread.  Get to know Sherwood Forest through the seasons, we don't stop for winter.

We make a small charge to cover our costs in addition to the annual subs' as I to travel backwards and forwards to the various venues and undertake the organising etc,  I do however keep these charges not only affordable but to the minimum,  please do some research on formal training for various disciplines and let me know how much a days training costs.  You can simply join and tag along on our days out and pick up new skills,  but if you want to leap frog the learning curve, I can help,  it's your choice > No pressure.



Major Oak Photography Club


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