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30-01-2014  To start the new Year off in grand style we have moved onto the Meetup website,  this does not alter anything with regard to the MOPC but does give us a wider coverage on the internet.  Lots of things are happening,  the schedule for this year is now in the melting pot for discussion,  we should have some answers by mid February.   .................... NOW CLOSED.

06-02-2014  Had a meeting with Roger and set the main schedule for 2014,  this is now on the Meetup site.  Booked for North Wales with Travelodge making a two centre stay for Porthmadog and the onwards to Caernarfon,  rates very reasonable.  One last booking in the melting pot is for the Lake District at Kendal,  prices for Travelodge stay work out at about 10.00 per person per night,  as cheap as Camping,  BEAT THAT.

14-02-2014  I did think we may have had snow in Sherwood Forest this week end, sadly no,  just high winds and driving rain with loadsa  mud,  we may not now see any real amount of snow in the Forest this year, which makes one's snow photos special.  The Meetup site continues to develop please take a look, address as above.

20-02-2014  Today is Major Oak Day, Hayman Rookes Birthday but more relevant to he MOPC is the fact that it is Ansel Adams birthday.

30-03-2014  One of the less notable tasks associated with the MOPC is sorting out meals for when we are camping,  they must be easy to prepare but tasty and nutritious,  which can present a problem,  plus what you find in the shops today may not be there tomorrow.  One such problem was solved yesterday when I discovered some excellent pasta,  10 packs of the stuff has gone into the freezer despite having a moderate shelf life that fresh pasta will be available for year round use.

16-04-2014  Work continues on the food problem and cooking facilities re Camping.  I am very disappointed in joining the MEETUP site,  results have been appalling,  if the situation does not improve we will seriously consider leaving the site,  it is expensive to have a presence on Meetup and the results can in no way shape or form be considered value for money.

30-04-2014  After some discussion with Roger it has been decided that later this year membership of this Club will be restricted,  Meetup has been a complete farce and achieved nothing,  but while we will consider applications for membership now, later in the year it may well be a closed shop for undisclosed reasons.

28-05-2014  Preparations are under way for our Wales bash.  A new modified camera has arrived from the States and is performing exactly as predicted,  looking forward to putting it through it's paces,  the output is far superior to the standard production models,  waterfall photography will never be the same again.  Back to shopping and packing.

We have some very exciting news in the offing, but that will have to wait for a week or so..............

09-07-2014  I have had to close the MEETUP site down due to little or no interest,  it seems that the something for nothing culture prevails on Meetup,  insured clubs with anual fees etc do not go down well,  pity as I did put a lot of work in on that site.

17-07-2014  A recent visit to Lumsdale,  this shot of the Mill Pond was taken handheld in colour Infrared, apparently some people are willing to go to Prison in an attempt to discover how this and other similar images were made.

17-07-2014  The Major Oak at night.

11-10-2014  Back from the Outer Hebrides and planning next years trip,  last Saturday saw me let loose at a special event for Photographers in Inglebourough Cave,  that was a hard day but well worth the effort.

Apologies for the website being down,  our hosts in the States can at times leave a great deal to be desired.


 Ode to Remembrance 

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

We will remember them.

We will remember them.

Short Prayer.

Lord keep them close, and protect them for all time to come, Amen.

 For Scotland 

Glenelg War Memorial - Glenelg - Scotland.

Glenelg War Memorial.

Ode to Remembrance  

Chan shs iad aosd
mar a dhfhsas sinne a thair ar fgail aosd
Cha bhi iad claoidhte agus a seargadh le aois
Ag m dol fodha na grine agus anns a mhadainn
cuimhnichidh sinn orra

Short Prayer

A Thighearna, cm iad faisg agus don a chaoidh gu brth

Gaelic translation with grateful thanks to Mrs Margaret MacLeod,  Isle of Lewis.

04-12-2014  News about the troubled Nikon D810 Camera and the thermal issue that has blighted sales.  More later,  see the MOPC full page with all the issues and eBay rogue traders selling refurbished goods as new.

05-12-2014  Sad to say I have been the victim of Trolls on Facebook, a nasty trio who happen to live on the Isle of Lewis decided to bait and provoke me into revealing business secrets.  They were well rehearsed and if you could see the private massaging that occurs between these despots it would reveal some form of misguided hatred fuelled by ignorance and fear.  One of the trolls had such a high opinion of himself and his work not only did he believe the Sun shone out of the back of his trousers he had convinced his two accomplices into the bargain.   For the record attempting to obtain business secrets by any method is punishable in Law with imprisonment.

08-12-2014  Need a Puffin Pod for next year,  then I remembered a project to make a sniper pod I undertook and completed a couple of years back.  The sniper pod was designed to get the camera down close to the ground and was intended for road use,  however it remained in it's case unused.  Having found it ( Always a big job with me, can never find anything )  I swapped the ball head for a lightweight pan and tilt plus a couple of engineering refinements and my PUFFIN POD is born,  capable of getting the camera low down but maintaining plenty of movement.  Well what's so good about the Puffin Pod,  the main components come from a fishing tackle shop,  the hub cost about 25.00 ( A fair bit of engineering involved ) legs and joints about 15.00.  The other advantage is that the two short legs can be replaced with longer legs to make a conventional tripod,  in short it's a sort of lightweight Uni-Loc.  We hope to have some images of it next year in action North of the border.

24-12-2014  A very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to everyone,  If you want to join our number then please do not hesitate,  Cheers, Adrian.

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