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08/01/2012    Welcome to my Photography Blog page, I hope you will find this interesting and certainly interesting enough to consider joining us here at the MOPC.  First item under the spotlight is London,  wait to hear more about this and how we as a Club can get you around the Metropolis without all the hassle and licensing that would normally be required.

10/01/2012   In Sherwood Forest weather was very good for January, low light angles mean you can only really work until about 2pm or just after,  finished the afternoon at St Marys Church in Edwinstowe with one or two hand held panoramas.  Greatly surprised that the weather was so calm and " warm " for the time of year.

13/01/2012    Sherwood Forest,  excellent day plenty of sunshine and not to cold.

14/01/2012    Sherwood Forest again,  a sharp frost but plenty of sunshine but blighted by Vapour trails,  lost half of my possible shots due to this.

19/01/2012    Sherwood Forest,  a little windy but not very cold,  managed about 80 shots some of which have proved excellent.  Bright sunshine all day, I never tire of the Forest.

22/01/2012    Sherwood Forest for a couple of hours today,  the wind was roaring through the trees,  I was amazed at the Panoramas I managed with the TZ20 considering the conditions.

23/01/2012    Sherwood Forest with Roger for company.  Mixed conditions but I came away with an excellent Panorama ( Vertical )  Looking forward to Thursday and London

25/01/2012    London by Day and Night ... Kit check,  including first aid kit,  and all those little extra things that need seeing too for a Night shoot,  laminate certificates and permits to make them more durable,  then shopping in Town and charge batteries for the big day,  finally set the alarm clock !

29/01/2012    The London trip was superb,  I had built in one or two special events,  the weather was excellent with only the last shoot being called off due to rain.  Made good use of our Travelcard on the tube, probably the best way to get around.  A considerable amount of time was taken up on Tower Bridge for which we were well rewarded.  It was a very long day, I clocked up 20hours from getting up to turning in on the early hours of Friday morning.  Shorter trips can be organised for those that do not feel like enduring the punishment of a protracted day.  An unexpected surprise when I decided to film leaving London from the front of the bus I found myself shooting for over two hours on the Motorway producing some weird and wonderful shots of lights and lighting as we were whisked up the M1 at 70mph > true high speed Photography.  London by Day and Night ... next event will be September onwards,  more details nearer the time.

30/01/2012    I came across a group of people on the forum of a popular photography magazine last night,  they have a real attitude problem when it comes to what you can and can't do with cameras,  within an hour the PM ( Private Message ) system was buzzing with activity about this chap who was saying you could end up with a Criminal record if you want to barge your way around London regardless.  Of course they are not satisfied at " Having a go at you " they also take a great delight in miss quoting you to further their stupid arguments.  Now it is a fact that you can be dealt with by the Criminal Courts for taking pictures in London for Professional, commercial or just pocket money, sad but true, and it's no use blaming me !  I didn't make the laws that restrict Photography in London and it's no use trying to knock down the facts as though they do not exist,  to further their senseless arguments they claim openly to be able to walk around without being bothered by Security staff, well that's not true.  One of the real problems we have to deal with is Security staff who are constantly lied to by Photographers regarding their status,  they are absolutely sick up to the eye teeth of confronting one liar after another,  the net result of this is when you take a nice camera down to London set it up on a tripod and then you have to convince a security official that you are there for the love of Photography,  bit of a laugh,  well it's not a laugh it's very real, and genuine amateurs and students are suffering because of pig headed individuals that believe the Laws of this Country were not made for them but for others. At the end of the day these individuals agree with themselves and issue threats as a retaliatory measure,  which is little better than cowardice,  make no mistake these individuals will say almost anything to safeguard their non existent rights.

03/02/2012    On a lighter note Hodsock Priory opens tomorrow morning,  supposed to be worth a look.  Sherwood Forest looking for some frosty scenes,  will try tomorrow.

04/02/2012    Back to Sherwood Forest,  the whole scene looked as though it needed another coat of whitewash, at least the birds get a good feed.  The Woodpecker that was drumming away in grazing area 2 was still hard at it,  will visit again on Sunday, perhaps we may have snow overnight.

05/02/2012    This was the scene in the outer car park of Sherwood Forest today at lunchtime,  nearly deserted.

We probably have now had the best of the Snow for this year, and for me that amounted to just under an hour of shooting.  You have to be prepared to drop everything at times like this if you want the images,  it's no use hoping that the snow will be around when you are ready to shoot, it's just not going to happen !

08-02-2012    Work has now started on a new Rig for producing specialised Panoramic shots ( I much prefer to refer to this as sectional Photography )  Conventional rigs are either QTVR or Spherical in nature, this new rig differs considerably as it has been designed to work on a linear mapping principle,  the first model cost just 20.00 and if I may say so myself looks very Professional,  despite it's budget price,  the new linear mapping rig will cost well over 400.00 the main items of expenditure being split between the indexed rotors and the CNC machining.  The weather at the moment is very dull and cold so no trips out except to feed the Birds in the Forest,  could still do with another snowfall to round the Winter off.

15-02-2012    Despite the very dull and cold weather Sherwood Forest is still proving worthwhile but the images are hard won

16/02/2012    A new rucksack from at a very budget price, may not be a Rolls Royce but it will get you going ............................

20/02/2012   Today is Major Oak Day and also the Birthday of that great American Photographer the late Ansel Adams.

21/02/2012 have some substantial discounts right the way across the board,  CF card discounts are not to great but SDHC cards have had their price's reduced considerably !  Another bargain are the armoured card cases  ( CF & SDHC ),  now just over 2.00 each.  worth your time to take a look ...............    Cheers.

23/02/2012    Regarding the above comments on CF cards,  I did a quick search on eBay for CF cards and was quite surprised to find that 7dayshop were by far the cheaper of the two i.e. 16gb at 7dayshop = 16.00  ( approx )same on eBay = 24.00 the difference rises considerably and prices actually double on eBay as compared to 7dayshop.              UPDATE ......... Please be aware prices are moving slowly upwards again,  by the week end they could be back where they started,  but even so still great value.

24/02/2012    An excursion to Lumsdale was the order of the day,  industrial ruins and a splendid waterfall side by side,  I was slightly under the weather but this really fired me up.

Lumsdale ruins

26/02/2012    New Laptop on order.  Old one running out of steam with some jobs.

29/02/2012    A walk around Nottingham included the River and Greens Windmill,  a pleasant but cloudy day.

Panorama or Sectional image - Riverside Apartments Nottingham

03/03/2012    In Sherwood Forest yesterday,  the sun was warm on your back making it a very pleasant walk.   To recap on the last two months we are looking at a time period when most Photographers hang their cameras up for the winter,  well not here,  some of the places we have visited and Photographed in the past couple of months ............. * Sherwood Forest * Lumsdale * Matlock * London * Nottingham *  Why not join us ?

18/03/2012    I have a machine in America waiting to be shipped over here, it's a copying or Duping machine, it should arrive by the end of April when it clears Customs.  It will enable us to make genuine " Orton "  images amongst other things,  a digital camera can be hooked up at the top end and the final output will be digital RAW.    The new Panoramic rig is taking shape with minor design changes, but that's easy when it's on paper,  the final costing's have had to be revised considerably to take account of one or two more proprietary components included in the process.  Ouch !

26/03/2012    We are in North Wales this week,  fabulous weather,  suntan lotion time !

31/03/2012   The trip to Wales was a huge success,  with wall to wall sunshine, we will without a doubt repeat this exercise.

18/04/2012    The weather has been dreadful for the past couple of weeks but that has not stopped the wheels from turning,  we have a second Illumitran on it's way to us here in Nottingham,  these machines when fully commissioned will be made available to Club members with instruction,  mainly intended for making Ortographic images.  Another development that is in the melting pot concerns a new project that will substantially benefit sick and dying children,  most of this project is well and truly under my Hat and will stay so,  however if we are successful and the project comes to fruition I will have my own factory again but manufacturing a vastly different product.

30/04/2012  Out at Lumsdale all day, completed this on my Bus Pass, well worth the effort,  weather excellent.

17/05/2012    Billets for the new rig are now with the engineer,  then on to the second stage of engineering,  slow job.   The weather remains variable with good days few and far between.  The Illumitrans ( x2 ) are shaping up,  but not without some additional expense but that was expected,  if you buy a good machine you can expect to spend as much again getting it into service.

06/06/2012    For anyone who would like to know what the new rig will look like,  this is about as close as anyone is going to get for a long time.

01/07/2012     Located a group using the Friends of Sherwood Forest name and location as Nottingham to raise thousands of Dollars at online Auction sites,  this is downright fraud, should you come across this group please contact me so they can be stopped and prosecuted for Fraud  >  Thank you.

The rig continues to make good progress, hoping to see a Camera on it very soon now.

03/07/2012    Looking at new techniques for Ortographic imaging,  the results should prove interesting to say the least.

21/07/2012    Changing most of the work scheduled for the rig to " In House " This involves new cutter technology imported from the States plus new machinery for the engineering,  I will have about 20% of the work farmed out as it would be impossible to manufacture every single component, but it will make modifications and the such like easier and faster to deal with.  Looks like we have some good weather for the next few days,  planning to go up to Sherwood Forest to complete some more Infrared work starting tomorrow Sunday.

28/07/2012    Completed a lot of IR work in Sherwood Forest,  the weather was variable and at times not so perfect but persistence pays off.  Being a Club means we can often open doors that would remain closed to others,  well I opened a door to give us access to a site of Industrial ruins,  sadly the site caretaker had misled me and turned out to be the owner which was not a problem one way or another as we were intending to shoot as a club project and not for commercial reasons.  However the " Owner " turned out to be a little on the sensitive side and probably needs help ( My professional opinion )  he exploded at me during a phone conversation over an innocuous comment I happened to make and launched into a tirade about how he was God's gift to old bricks and mortar.  Thankfully we will not be visiting that site now or ever in the future,  as well as opening doors we can also slam them firmly shut to keep you as a Photographer safe and away from potential harm.

01/08/2012    Had a good walk around Lumsdale last Monday, then on to Ashford on the Water and finishing at Monsal Dale,  took some interesting Infrared images and a short MOPC Gotcha video clip starring Roger.

17/08/2012    I have devised a creative filter set that was very very inexpensive,  Roger takes hold of his kit and the next thing I know he is producing Infrared Images of a very reasonable quality,  I suggested he take this further an explore any other possibilities with the kit.  Well done Roger.

11/11/2012    Remembrance Sunday and time to reflect.

22/11/2012    Next week we are away on a Jolly for a couple of days to Yorkshire and the Lakes.  This trip should represent a Landmark for the single Photographer and artificial lighting techniques applied to Waterfalls and Architecture,  we have yet to see the results of some very powerful but lightweight High Tech' lighting combined with other techniques as to the resultant outcome.

01/12/2012    Back safe and sound from the Lakes and Yorkshire,  every day was an adventure and the last day was superb,  managed to shoot the famous five waterfalls of Yorkshire plus catching a surperb sunset and after all that onwards to Bolton Abbey to shoot in pitched darkness testing some new lighting equipment,  an excellent trip,  my thanks to Roger for some excellent driving and companionship.

07/12/2012    Have some new mapping software in the post,  should make a significant difference to future planning and locating venues,  will give a progress report later.

15/12/2012    New mapping software arrived and is working as anticipated.  Have a digital street map of London on it's way plus two new books on Waterfalls due to arrive any day.  Incensed about Garmin's product information regarding unit features, the online manuals are atrocious,  will have to persevere with this one.

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